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XPSPY – Best Free KeyLogerr App for capture keystrokes
XPSPY - Best Free KeyLogerr App for capture keystrokes

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Try XPSPY App and you can Record Keystrokes on cell phone Real-Time. It is 100% FREE & Undetectable.

The need for keylogger app
The need for keylogger app
  • Call spying- calls are made fluently on a daily basis and due to this your spouse or kid is able to connect easily through the calls. The calls can be done even at late at night without any network problem. You thus able to get information from outgoing and incoming calls, this way entire call history can be tracked.
  • Sms spy- the SMS spy is flourished through this feature. This means the user is able to get information whenever the suspect sends or received any message.
  • Im chats- the IM chat allow the user to get information from social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other media applications too.
  • GPS location- the location feature is used when the kid or spouse is out. This means you can see where the kid or spouse is heading to a certain place. The target can be seen on the google map and the place he or she has visited. Date and time stamp can be known to the user.

More than 25+ features

Install XPSPY Application on Cell Phone and you can try more than 25+ mobile spy features.