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XPSPY – Best Call Recorder for recording phone call
XPSPY - Best Call Recorder for recording phone call

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How to get Spy Call Recorder app
How to get Spy Call Recorder app
  • Monitoring internet activities-monitoring internet activities of kid has become an essential part of life because the kid can fall into the trap of social media anytime. You can see what all websites the kid has visited last night or week and what sort of bookmarks is placed on the browser.
  • Multimedia files- the multimedia file feature permits the potential user to deal with the entire set of gallery present on the suspect cell phone. The photos, videos, and documentation can be traced without difficulty.
  • Restriction on internet usage- this feature is meant for the parents because it enables the parent to block all the unhealthy sites. This keeps the kid away from adult content.
  • Alert- alert feature makes a buzzing sound whenever the kid or spouse does some activity. Thus the user gets information on every step.
  • GPS location- the location feature can be used to know the past as well as the present location of the suspect. It can gather information from places visited and activities done.

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