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XPSPY app is free spying software which can easily spy a phone and let you remotely monitor and control that phone


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So how does XPSPY works?

We will tell you about the spy app XPSPY and tell you the advantages you can get by using this app.

Easy To Use

In this app, you will find full instruction of spying which is easily understood and you can read them and use it accordingly. The app can be easily operated by anyone even when they do not have any technical skills.


Before using any spy app you see its credibility score as it is one of the important factors. This software is 100% safe and certified so you can download it without any worries or doubt. Also, you can use it as long as you want without facing any problems.


Most of the spy apps offer free trial option however XPSpy offers total FREE to the user. You can spy on target phone without purchase any thing.

Know more about XPSPY – Free Mobile Spy App

Know more about XPSPY - Free Mobile Spy App

Spy on kids for their safety

Using this spy app you can secure your kids from such threats. You can stop your kids from sharing their personal information on social sites and chatting with strangers. Also, you can restrict the apps which seem harmful for the kids and contains the pornography or any kind of age-related content.

Catch Cheating partner

You can spy on chats, track the location and do many more things which will let you know how trustable that person is. If your partner is not close to you and makes excuses when you want to go out with him then find out the reason why they are behaving in such way and are they planning to go out with someone else.

Spy on employees

You can see who is sharing the company’s information outside. You can restrict your employee's phone so that they cannot share outside all the information on the company and that they focus more on work.

Features of XPSPY - Best Free Phone Spy App

These are the XPSPY features and to know more about its features you can install the spy app in your phone and read it in its information guide.

Free GPS Tracker

XPSPY App is available free of cost and does not require any knowledge to use it. You can use its free GPS tracker to track every minute location detail whenever you want.


Track the SMS, MMS using this app. You can read all the chats and you can read all the details of SMS sender like name, number and date & time.

Spy Call

Spy on call logs, contacts and also record calls using this spy app. The recorded content is sent to your personal account from where you can download and view the recordings. The quality of the recording is good and so you can easily understand the conversation.

WhatsApp Spy

You can see the conversation, shared media, saved media and so on. You can see the contact of people added on target phone WhatsApp. The deleted content can also be viewed using it.

Social Sites Spy

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are some of the popular social sites on which a large number of people are engaged. If you are willing to spy on the social site account of the target then you can use this feature and read chats, saved media, password, etc.

Browser History Spy

The history of browsed content even if are deleted by target person, still it can be seen and you can record it. You can see the time and date of the viewed content also, you can see which are recently visited sites. Blocking a site is another feature which is offered in this spy app.

Photos & Videos Spy

You can see encrypted or hidden photos/ videos as well when using XPSpy. You can see details of the captured images and videos like from which camera it was taken, date and time, size of photo or video, etc.

Record App Usage

XPSpy offers a feature to record app usage of the target phone. This means the apps installed in the target phone, its usage is recorded. You can see when it was last used, how many hour target person spend on it, etc.


I am in awe for what XPSPY can do for your family’s safety. Why XPSPY works perfect for us is because how it lets my husband and I to monitor our children’s daily online routines and outdoor routine (via Free GPS Tracking).

Ledesma Rendell


Download XPSPY Now & spy on cell phone
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Let us learn the steps to make use of XPSpy app

First, you need to download this app from its official site .com. Install this app on your phone as well as a suspect phone. It is important to install in both the phone or else it won’t work. There is no need for you to worry about detection of software as it is 100% undetectable.

Create a personal account once the software is installed and it is important to create an account as then only you can monitor the target device and collect data.

After creating an account login and make a setting to hide the app icon from the target device and start monitoring.