Text Message Spy: How to spy on text messages

How to spy on text messages Using XPSpy App

People more often ask this question that how to spy on text messages. There are several ways to spy on text messages of someone’s phone but the problem is that people choose the wrong method of spy and then face difficulties. No matter which method of spy you choose it should be easy, convenient and most importantly hidden. So, are there any methods which fulfill the above given three criteria? Yes, there are methods of spying text messages of someone’s phone without being detected. Use spyware or spy app, if you have no idea what is it then read the information given below.

How to spy on text messages Using XPSpy App

How to spy on text messages Using XPSpy App

What is spy app

Like all other apps, you see on the digital marketplace spy app is also an app which is programmed so that one can spy over target device using this app. This spy app allows you to do spying over another device from any location and you are not required to be near to target phone or have physical access to it! You are not only able to spy over the target phone but you are also able to control target phone using it! Controlling here means you can unlock their passwords, lock the phone, clear data of the hacked phone, block application stored on the phone, etc.

So, let’s come back to the discussion that how to spy text messages of target phone? If you wish to spy someone’s phone and his/her text messages then you are needed to make use of one of the Spy App available in the market. There are number of spy app available hence, it may become difficult to choose one but we can recommend you to use the best spyware i.e. XPSpy. The reasons why we recommend you to use this spy software are given below.

Easy to use– most of the spy app, people use are low rated and provide poor quality data but XPSpy provide accurate data and it is a highly rated app. It does not contain long as well as the difficult process of spying so; people of any age group can simply make use of it.

Convenient- some people are afraid that spying on other people through such apps are illegal that let me tell you that this spy app is convenient to use and there is no tension of illegality. This software is made to monitor children and employees by parents and employers and it is 100% safe.

Free from a virus- virus free apps are mostly preferred by people and this Spy App is preferred over any other app because it is tested and virus free. So, downloading and installing it on your phone is safer and secure.

Undetectable- using this spy app is the very good option if you wish to maintain privacy. Many Spy App are there on the market which do not offers the guarantee of maintaining privacy. Thus, the target phone can catch the spy. However, XPSpy works in hidden mode and therefore, it can’t be detected by the target person’s device.

Why need XPSpy for spying on text messages

Why need XPSpy for spying on text messages

Why need XPSpy for spying on text messages

Using XPSpy is very easy and you need not take many headaches to use and manage spied data. XPSpy itself manage the data and you are free from all kind of a headache. To use this app first you need to download it from known sources like its official link (http://android.xpspy.com). After you download and install this spy app make sure you open it and fill its sign up page to sign up! After signing in using your user ID/ password you will enter user control board where you will be asked to enter the information regarding target phone you wish to spy. Fill this information carefully and correctly.

Once done with the above-given step you are directed to control board of XPSpy where a number of features will be available. You are able to use these features to hack text messages, calls, etc of the target phone. You will be able to receive recorded data from here and save or download it. Even if you are not operating control board it will by itself record the data from target phone and upload it in user panel which can be accessed whenever you are free and collect the details.

Features of the XPSpy App

Monitor the phone calls

Target phone calls are monitored using this feature. This feature lets you see when and who made a call on the target device or who did target device called. The time & date is also displayed so, you can know when the conversation actually took place and for how much duration. You can also hear the conversation took place through the call. The recordings are available to hear anytime on your device.

Track location of target device

Target device when is not near to you and you wish to know where it is then you can use GPS tracker to find the exact location of the target device. You can track the location and see it on the map and also time or date information is showed along it!

Spy on SMS

XPSpy allows you to spy on text SMS and read the chats. It uploads all the SMS in control panel so that user can access it and view it. The SMS chats are not only the ongoing ones but also the deleted ones and encrypted ones. So, this spy app will allow you to read all previous and present chats. You can also view time, date, sender’s name, phone number, etc.

Monitor browser history

Browser used by target phone and the full history of the browser is recorded by the XPSpy and sent to user control panel from where they are able to see it. The recently visited URLs, websites are showed and they also give you a description of time & date when certain URL was visited.

Monitor social media accounts-

Social media accounts of the target person are monitored using this feature. All the social media account like the Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram can be monitor using this single feature. You can see the password, account details of target phone, chats, saved pages, liked pages, etc.

Monitor media files

Here, media files consist of photos, videos, music, files and folders of the target device. The media files can be accessed and viewed by the user using XPSpy. This software allows you to see what content are saved and from which source it was taken. The encrypted media of the target device can also be seen using XPSpy.

Live Voice Recording

This feature is commonly known as ambient listening. This feature allows the user to hear the surrounding voices of the target phone. So, if the victim is talking in private you can start ambient call recorder to hear what they are gossiping about. This is an amazing function in XPSpy which you will not find in any other spy App.

The above features are available in XPSpy and it allows you to track all the information of target phone. If you wish to run this app and its features on your device then do visit its official website and download it. Also, make a subscription to get these features and use it. Subscription is necessary while using this app then only you can enjoy using it.

If you understood every detail clearly then start using it today and if you have some confusion or query left then contact the service center from its official website. There is 24 x7 customer support service available for you. All you need to do it go on its site and read the details and start using it.