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How is Facebook spy using XPSPY possible

XPSPY – Best Facebook Spy for spying on Facebook Messages
XPSPY - Best Facebook Spy for spying on Facebook Messages

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Try XPSPY App and you can spy on Facebook on cell phone Real-Time. It is 100% FREE & Undetectable.

A short guide on install the Facebook spying app
A short guide on install the Facebook spying app
  • Messages monitoring- Through the spy tool the actual SMS will be tracked easily with the complete details of sender and receiver. Figure out that what talks are going on through the text messaging. View the content of every message that is sent or received. If though the message is deleted still the app will collect those.
  • Calls monitoring- The call detailed information will be available at the control panel of the wizard. All the details like duration, time, date etc will be known. This will tell the hacker that with whom and for how long and how many times the talk is going on.
  • Internet and social site activities monitoring- Activities done over WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc is monitored easily. Also, all the activity one does over the internet is also spied completely.
  • GPS monitoring- Through this feature, one can view the location of the person in real time. Find out where at present the person is and was at earlier. Additionally, if the device of the individual is lost, it will easily get traced but make sure that the phone is connected with the internet.
  • Photos and videos viewing- Through this application, the multimedia files like photos, images, videos etc all will be visible. If a hacker wants the content can be easily downloaded.
  • Application blocking- The application allows one in easily blocking the application that is unwanted or inappropriate.
  • Phone contact list viewing- The contact list available in the target phone can be viewed to figure out that with whom is the target person in contact.
  • SIM change alert- If the SIM card is replaced the notification will be sent along with the new number.

More than 25+ features

Install XPSPY Application on Cell Phone and you can try more than 25+ mobile spy features.