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What is XPSpy Call Spying to do?

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How to spy on Phone Calls Using XPSpy App

XPSpy lets you look at the complete phone logs of the target phone. With XPSpy, Call spy, Call spy app, Android spy call, Spy Call, you can:

  • Look at all the calls made from and to the target phone in addition to any missed calls.
  • Get details like the phone numbers and contact names that the target phone has communicated with.
  • Get time and date stamps to find out when each call was made and for how long.
  • All call logs are uploaded to your online XPSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. You can view the call logs by date or call time and you can even export and download all records as a spreadsheet.
How to spy on Phone Calls Using XPSpy App

How to spy on Phone Calls Using XPSpy App

Get supreme quality surveillance services through this high tech Spy Call

Will you consider watching your partner with someone else? Will you consider your kids walking on the wrong path in front of your eyes? Will you consider your employees working against your firm and being double-faced? Probably not! Then what’s your take to sort out such issues if they exist in your life?

Well each of us opts for a subjective path based upon our observations and understandings of life. People may usually face a lot of hurdles but find it difficult to express their issues. To be a support system and extract out all the negative vibes from their mind, XPSpy App works as a core element. Since the time it has emerged, the application has solved a number of relationship-based issues and truly led the people towards a happy life. If you also wish to share your experiences and get the perfect advice and solution for them, then explore out this amazing software designed for every individual of this century.

Get supreme quality surveillance services through this high tech Spy Call

Get supreme quality surveillance services through this high tech Spy Call

Know about Call Spying XPSpy app

Masses have always been under pressure at every stage of life. We usually oversee others problem as we are entangled in our own fights with life. Although, when you reach up to a particular age and get the responsibility of the whole family on your shoulders, you may need to undergo a lot of challenges. Be it your husband or kids; everyone is somewhere hiding something from you, which you have to seek out.

However, to assist you in finding out the hidden clues about their activities and behavior, a mobile phone tracking app acts as a boon. As you cannot always stay with them, you definitely need to achieve superior power which can keep a record of their day to day activities in a detailed manner. Working under the expert supervision of the XPSpy app, the developers of our application has advanced the level of safety and monitoring featured by any other spy app of the world. You can now easily make up a spy call, read their texts, listen to their conversations and do much more virtually.

How to install the application and spy on call

Spy call feature has been mastered and advanced after analyzing all the characteristics possessed by the latest Smartphone. To beat up their technology and give perfect competition to their new versions, we have worked truly hard and brought up this feature. To keep you away from all the risks, we have removed the tension of seeking out their phone and then installing the application on it. Instead of getting into all such headaches, you just need to focus on some easy tricks. We will talk about the need and value of android spy call feature later, but first, it is essential for you to know the easy steps of installations.

  • Visit our official website, i.e., http://android.xpspy.com
  • Now as per the operating system of your device, choose the version of our software and get it installed on your phone.
  • The next step you have to undertake is that of setting up your account on the application.
  • You may either have to make a call or send any random text to the phone, tablet or PC which you wish to monitor. This will generate a secret code which will facilitate you in linking up both the phones with one another.
  • As early as the process gets complete and the connection is established, you will start getting instant alerts on your mobile phone.
  • Now all their texts, calls multimedia transfer and other transmission details will be visible to you.
  • Use your control panel to backup all the data and enjoy prolific spying without any fear of getting caught.

Feel confused? You don’t need to because our helping panel is always there to assist you. Just follow out all the instructions and easily avail the benefits of this amazing free of cost monitoring app.

Our amazing features to serve you

While relying upon technological integration as our priority, we have brought up several customise features of ours to serve you. After getting personal reviews from our customers, we have developed our application so as to suit everyone’s preferences. Know how you can get the best out of this remote spy app.

Call spy app– it is quite overwhelming for us to introduce this feature to you. Well, to support our other features and make the application stand out of the competitors, we have added up the fake call dialing and ambient sound listening feature into it. There are times when you can easily locate your target through their device, but it is quite impossible to know about the people they are with. You may stay keen to hear their real-time conversations wishing to catch them up, but you would instantly fail due to lack of resources. But here with our high- tech quality, you will get the opportunity to sign up and dial random calls on their phone. As your number is already registered and connected with their device, your call will not get detected by them. The call will be received automatically at the source, and you would get to listen to the whole conversation taking place around them. Not only this, XPSpy app will even record even the least audible sounds and bring them directly to your notice. So as soon as you get to hear loud party tracks, you can explore out the fact that they are not actually busy in their office meetings, but are enjoying with someone else. Next what to do is up to you!

Our Additional features include-

Our Additional features include-

Our Additional features include-

  • GPS tracker strolling around with their colleagues and friends, without letting you know is probably the major task of your partner and kids. Do you want to know where do they spend most of the time of their day? As you have got our application installed, we make this task easier for you. Just ensure the availability of stable internet connection along with the GPS switched on, and track their real-time location with the time, date and traveling durations.
  • Check the Installed applications– want to know what applications do they operate on? Is it an online dating platform or adult application? Find it all here at XPSpy app. Know the exact details related to the time, date and location from where the application has been downloaded. Check out the whole installation and uninstallation process along with the URL and version of the application. Remote control the actions and remove the app from their phone if you want to.
  • Keylogger – use our keylogger feature to know their secret codes and passwords. Read out all the conversations through this way as well. Our application detects all the passwords and transmits them directly to your device. So want to use their Facebook account or email id? Do it right away with us. All hidden passcodes, patterns and in fact the impressions are now under your surveillance.
  • Read notes– is just a way towards high-class monitoring. But isn’t it amazing if you get to discover all their meeting plans in advance? People usually have a habit of storing their essential passwords, event and meeting dates on their mobile notes. It even acts as a reminder for them. We will extract out all such notes along with the date and time when they were saved. So now you can instantly flop their plans can stop them from going anywhere you don’t want them to be at.
  • Internet activities– internet today is the major medium of conversing with people. Although it possesses unlimited disadvantages, we can’t even think of. Hackers are always waiting to find just a clue and take away all your personal details. Thus, to manage their internet behavior, you can check their data usage and browsing history. With the help of this, you can easily maintain superior security level of your children online.
  • Record all calls– have you ever heard them talking with strangers? If yes, then you probably need to know who that stranger is! Get XPSpy today and manage their conversations with the perfect call tracker. Hear the conversation in real time along with getting it recorded safely at your control panel. Know the complete details about the third party related to their name contact details and everything else saved on your target’s phone.
  • Read texts– know what all do they share through text conversations. With the help of our advanced software, get the perfect opportunity to read all messages instantly. Whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp or just SMS, no single text can now escape away from your reach. Know all the information about the sender such as the name and data stored in their online social profiles, along with this, remotely delete or block conversations and people.
  • Remote control– keeps track of their phone’s overall working procedure and performs any specific action you want. We let you get authorized power to control some actions possible. You just have to compose an SMS containing a particular command such as that of deleting a conversation or blocking a user. As soon as this text is received at the source, your order is processed, and you get to achieve ultimate possession of the phone without even touching it.
  • Multimedia files– people usually keep on greeting one another through vivid images, videos, audio clips and much more. In fact, official documents can be easily transferred now through applications. If you want to know what all multimedia exchanges take place over their phone, just dive into the world of the XPSpy app. You will receive all the images, gifs, graphics, illustrations and everything else shared from the source device.
  • Notifications and alerts– as soon as you avail our services you will start receiving notifications related to their every action on your device. They can’t undertake even a single action without your consideration. Thus, even if they plan to replace their contact number and change the SIM, you will be instantly informed through a text containing the info of the new number, date, time and location and details of the new operator.
  • Contact list– address book of an individual device is the best way to know about the people they stay in touch with. Along with checking the call log, you can instantly check out any additions or subtraction of contact numbers made in due time on your target’s phone. Along with knowing their names, address and other detail, you can even remotely make alterations as per your requirement. Use these contact numbers and contact those whom you have a keen doubt on.
  • 100% Undetectable software– our software comes with ultimate features to ensure your safety and protection. Once you be a part of our network, you will enjoy maximum privileges of surveillance. The application is truly undetectable, thus, you never have to justify your actions to someone. The suspect will never be able to identify the availability of a spy app on his/her phone. This gives you immense power and keeps you away from all sorts of risks.
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The ultimate advantages of using a Spy Call App

  • Spy on employees– do you find trouble in managing the office tasks? Then you definitely need someone to take away half of your burdens. Just install the XPSpy app in your workers’ devices, or allot them phones with pre-installed application. This will help you to explore out the level of dedication and perfection your employees have towards their job. Wherever they go, whatever they do will stay right in front of your eyes.
  • Catch cheating spouse– now don’t be a victim of your cheating spouse. Stop trusting them blindly even if they are not giving you the due respect and love which you deserve to get. Instantly join us and get satisfied just like millions of customers who already are. Without touching their phone and letting them know find out all the actions, they perform in real life and virtually.
  • Parental control– is your kid passing through the teenager phase and getting fascinated with new things? If yes, then you need to double up their safety level as this is the age where they usually get trapped into unethical works. Be the perfect guide and check out their actions. Know the details of their friends and any strangers if they meet with. Keep them away from social media hackers, bullies and criminals and ensure the safety of your children today.
  • Secure your phone– an amazing feature to serve your device, we believe in securing all your data right with a click. As soon as the software gets installed on your device, you get the opportunity to hide all your personal or professional information and keep it safe. Get its backup made on the control panel so that no rival of your can ever steal these essential details from your device