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What is XPSpy Phone Call Recording?

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How to record a phone Calls Using XPSpy App

XPSpy gives you the ability to remotely record all phone calls made to and from the monitored phone. With XPSpy, Call recording, Hidden Call Recorder, Call recorder, Spy call recorder, you can:

  • Record all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Record calls that are made to and from specific numbers only.
  • All call recordings are uploaded to your online XPSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. You can download these recordings on to your computer or just listen to them straight from the control panel at any time you want.
How to record a phone Calls Using XPSpy App

How to record a phone Calls Using XPSpy App

Best Hidden call recorder application in the market- The XPSpy

Cell phones are the latest technology used by almost every person in the world. And Smartphone are its latest version. Numerous activities are done with the use of these smart phones. One can make the call, send and receive messages, undertake various activities using different applications, etc. But recently it has been noted that a lot of hidden or speculative activities are done using cell phones. It has become the most preferred activity done using the cell phone. By using them people have started to cheat on their spouses, or even kids have started to cheat on their parents. Hence a lot of people have started to spy on cell phones.

People have started to cheat their loved ones using smart tools on the cell phones. Spying on their cell phone can clear any doubt one has on their loved one. A spy is an option where one can get access to the targets call recordings or much more. This way he can try to get information as to the target’s activities. He can find out the targets intentions.

Best Hidden call recorder application in the market- The XPSpy

Best Hidden call recorder application in the market- The XPSpy

But how to spy on calls on a cell phone

If you want to know the intentions of your loved one, then you will have to spy call recorder. How as there is a good number of tools available in the market, which one to use? The answer is XPSpy. It is the next generation software that monitors the Smartphone. As Android phones are the most used smart phones, this software is highly compatible with these networks. With the help of Guest Spy now you can spy on the entire phone activities of your target person. There are a great many packages available that can be purchased as per the person’s needs. In the beginning, one can buy the 48 hours free trial version.

Once you have chosen the most suitable one, you can get it installed in the target’s device. Now create an online dashboard, where you will get all the required information of the target’s device. It has a live call recorder that records all the call details of the target device. Whenever the target makes a call or receives a call, XPSpy call recorder records all the calls and saves it in the dashboard of the site. This enables viewing at any time, by the person wanting to spy.

Features of Hidden Call Recorder XPSpy:

Features of Hidden Call Recorder XPSpy

Features of Hidden Call Recorder XPSpy

The XPSpy has some of the best features that help in spying. It gives you best spying experience. They give you best techniques to spy on a cheating loved one for your employee. It can be used by any layman, without any technical knowledge. By getting its latest version install in the target device, one can rest assured of its benefits.

  • Live call recorder: XPSpy has a unique live call recorder. It happens when you are unable to attain or listen to the targets calls. In such cases, this application records live calls and saves it in its system’s dashboard. It facilitates listing at another time. The customer has to log into the dashboard to get all information.
  • Read instant messages: it not only keeps track of SMS sent and received but also helps to get details of messages sent and received on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. It also gets you details of pictures, videos, audios shared via these applications.
  • View multimedia files: It also enables access to photos and videos that are saved on the target device. As and when a photo is clicked on the target phone, it will also be uploaded on the XPSpy account.
  • Monitors internet use: By using XPSpy you can view and monitor all the internet activities of the target device. You will get all information of the various URLs visited through different browsers. You will have access to the browser’s history even if the target has deleted it.
  • Analyze it: You can also generate the detailed report on the usage of the target device. It not only has a spy call recorder but also gives details of name and number of the other party. In the same way, it can track many cell phone devices at one time.
  • Alerts and notifications: It gives you the notification each time a call is received or dialed on the target device. It also alerts you when the target changes the SIM card or locks the device using a password. It notifies you if the phone is switched off.

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Other than the above-mentioned features, it also has some additional features that are very beneficial to its users.

Some of the other features of XPSpy:

  • Spy Call: The most basic feature of the Guest spy is spy call. This feature lets you look at the call log of the device. It gives details of a call made, received and missed the call if the any on the device. It also gets you details like number and name of the person communicating with the target person. It has a unique ability to track date and time of each call. All this is stored in the dashboard of the XPSpy for future viewing. All this is done with the help of various applications designed by the Guest spy. These are call spy app, Call spy, Android spy call, call tracker etc. Now you can get track of all the calls the target is getting or making.
  • SMS Spy: This feature helps you get all details of SMS sent and received. It gives detailed information of the contents of the message. It also sends you information on number and name of the person sending receiving messages from the target device. It helps you get the truth of SMS conversations along with exact time and date of these messages. Now your loved one cannot send secret messages to some unknown person. All these SMS o text messages get uploaded to the XPSpy dashboard for your reference. For viewing them, you just need an internet connection with a XPSpy account.
  • GPS Tracker: GPS tracker is a device that offers to give you exact location of the target person. You can know your loved ones or your employee’s location at any point of time. Do you have a doubt that your children or employee lie to you? They always hide where whereabouts? Then this is the perfect tool. Guest spy has an inbuilt GPS tracker that gives you details of your targets location. You can go to the dashboard of the site account to get exact location to your device. It gives you latitude and longitudinal details of the location. It records and saves time and date details of the person at a given point of time.
  • Ambient Voice recording: Ambient listening is the most unique feature of the XPSpy. It helps to not only record live calls, but also records the surrounding voices and noises. This is done with the help of Ambient recording application of this software. For this you just have to activate the application. And the best part of using this feature is that the target will never come to know about it. From the noises in the environment you can guise with who the target is or where he or she is. It is done by sending a simple SMS command. This is done in a way that the target will never come to know of your intentions.

What are the benefits of using the XPSpy

XPSpy is the best option one may get for spying on others phone. It almost covers all the activities of a phone device. Hence it provides a lot of benefit to its users. By using them one will be satisfied to a great extent. Here are some of the benefits of using XPSpy application for spying:

  • Catch Cheating Spouse: Sometimes you may feel that your husband or wife is doing something unusual using his or her phone. He can be cheating on you by talking or texting with someone else behind your back. There are a good many means to catch the cheating spouse. But the best software for this purpose is the XPSpy software. The simplest method is to get the software downloaded in the spouse’s phone and get the entire details call recording, live call recorder from the device. You can track his real-time location by using the GPS tracker. And try to figure out with whom, and where your spouse can be with the help of its ambient voice recorder. This way he or she will think twice before cheating you.
  • Employee monitoring: XPSpy helps you track all the activities of a Smartphone. Employee monitoring has been the latest feature of this software. These days it has been seen that for the sake of money, many employs leak essential information to its competitors. This can be harmful to the organization. But this application helps to keep track of call recording, messages sent and received, activities on social networking sites. An employer can also trace out the exact location of the staff if they were posted on outdoor duty. All this can be done without his knowledge. For this, you will have to install it on the target’s device. This is the best way to catch them red-handed cheating.
  • Parental control: In today’s world parents are not able to give must attention to their kids. They are busy making money. The XPSpy software is very useful in such cases. It allows parents to keep control on their kid’s activities. For they can install this software on their kid’s device. This will monitor call log, messages send and received and location at a particular time. As a parent, you can track the location of your child at a given time and can know if he or she is cheating on you. You can check all the saved records from the dashboard of the website. This can be done without their know it. You can now be tension free, in regards to your child.
  • Trace out lost phones: With the help of the software’s GPS tracker you can trace out lost phones. This software gives you the perfect location of the phone, even if the phone is switched off or out of coverage area. This can also be used to trace the location of the device while making calls or sending or receiving messages. You can even catch your cheating loved one if he or she was lying to you regarding his location.
  • Support option: this software never stops at any point in time. It functions 24/7. Until and unless you stop click on stop, it will never stop. It will keep spy call recorder for your reference till the time you want. If you face any issue, you can contact its support team for a query.
  • Hidden: The best thing about this software is that it is hidden from the target. The target will never come to know of such software being installed in his device. You can now get all the information you require from the target’s device without his knowledge.

How to install Hidden Call Recorder

After going through the above article, one will be curious to know how it can be installing and used. It is quite simple. You just have to first download and install it on the target device using a good wifi connection. Now get yourself registered on the panel of the XPSpy. It is done by creating a username and password. Now go to your account, and you will see that it will ask for the targets detail. Now you have to add in the contact detail of the target. Now you will get all the details of the device via spy call recording.

Now the most important thing if you don’t want the target to know about you is spying. Go to the target’s device and click on option “Hide Icon XPSpy from configuration.” This option will hide the installed software from the device. This way the target will never come to know of your intentions.

This software also provides you with free 48 hours trail option. It is very helpful for first-timers. You can try using it for free in the 48 hours time to see if it fits your needs. And if you find it suitable then you can go ahead with purchasing it. If you purchase it, it does not even cost more. It is quite affordable to its users.