How to spy someone’s text messages online free

How to spy someone's text messages online free
How to spy someone's text messages online free
Review: How to spy someone's text messages online free
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How can you spy on one’s text messages online for free

In today’s time where the mobile phone is the need of all, many reasons have come up for checking the phone of a target person especially the text messages. For example, parents want to do the monitoring of the children, or spouse to husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend wants to cheek on their respective one’s text messages. Many online tools have been developed through which a user can easily do checking the text messages of the target person.

How can you spy on one's text messages online for free
How can you spy on one’s text messages online for free

XPSpy – ideal selection for text messages spying

XPSpy is one of the reliable, best and trustworthy spy tools that are compatible with iPad and iPhone. It is a free text messages tracking tool and mobile phone monitoring solutions with which you can easily do the spying on the target person text messages. After it had come into the global market, it had become the best helping hand for millions of people and had allowed them to do the secretly monitoring of the other person’s device and collect the text messages.

XPSpy is the superior online spy tool for reading the text messages. It has helped a user in retrieving the text messages that are sent and received from any device. It is having the ability to extract the deleted text messages from the device. This app works effectively by digging deeper into the mobile phone file structure. All this is possible without the actual possession of the Smartphone.

How can you use it

Yes, here we have come up with the easy steps that you can follow on spying on the target person text messages. If you want to know the complete details of every text message done from the victim deeply then using XPSpy is the best option for you. This app is used for the purpose of monitoring all applications installed on the target phone for text messaging like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype, etc.  Also, the location of the target person can be too traced with call logs, multimedia files. The best thing is that no matters of which OS you want to spy text messages, it can easily do that on iOS and Android OS. XPSpy, therefore, is the best spy tool that is having more spying features. A user can easily afford the app due to its availability at reasonably priced costing. Here are a few steps to follow for spying on text messages-

Create a user account

If you want to spy on text messages of the target person through online then you must visit the homepage of XPSpy using URL address XPSpy.COM/CP/ and set up a user account.

Set up the app on iPhone and android

After signing up you need to set up the setting in the iPhone and Android OS

Spying text messages on android OS online- To spy on text messages online on android OS, you need to install XPSpy app into the target phone. After the installation of the wizard, you need to log in using own account and hit on allow option. Now you need to grant the authorities, you can easily begin the device activities monitoring.

Spy text on iPhone online- To spy text messages on iPhone from online you have to verify the icloud ID and password. With iCloud ID and password of the victim OS, you can easily do the monitoring of the text messages online easily.

Spying the text messages Once you have done with the setup, you have to choose the message option on the online control panel and spy texts from target OS. With this application, you can easily do the checking of the sender name and numbers with the location, date, content, and timing of the messages.

Download Text Message Spy App

Amazing spying features

  • Text messages hacking (send/deleted/received)
  • GPS location hacking (real-time/older ones)
  • Call logs hacking (made/received/deleted)
  • Multimedia files hacking (photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots)
  • Social media sites hacking (facebook, Instagram, snapchat)
  • IM apps hacking (Whatsapp, Skype, facebook messenger)
  • Key logger function

Reasons to use it

  • 100% compatibility with leading OS like iOS, android
  • 100% untraceable app
  • Free of cost app to use
  • Result oriented app
  • All-time customer care support


On the internet, numbers of spy apps are available to do the monitoring of the text messages online. To have something quite better and highly effective, you can make use of XPSpy app. This will allow you to get not only access to text messages but other cellular actions that are done on a daily basis. I hope that now you can easily do the spying of text messages for free.