5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

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October 2, 2019
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5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

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Know 5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Are you searching for a way using which you can keep an eye on your children when you aren’t present around them? If the answer is yes, then you have finally entered the right place. Here, we have an effective solution to your problems, as we know being a parent your concern for children or loved ones. Why not so? In today’s world, all age group especially youngsters or children are making use of social media sites, like Facebook, WhatsApp and more. Among those social media sites, Facebook comes to the top position.

Know 5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Know 5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

On the first hand, this social networking site is extremely useful to connect with any person around the world, and on the second hand, many people are using for a wrong purpose. And you do not ensue that with whom you are talking on the Facebook is good. Thus, to protect your loved ones or teens from prying eyes, you need some way, through which you can view a personal Facebook profile of them. Well, being a parent, it’s your rights to teach the right manners to your loved ones. Also, you need to ensure whether your school is found during the school hours or not.

Not only parents can monitor every activity of their child, but the partner can also make sure their loved one is not cheating on you and even employers can assure their employees are loyal to them.

In the mentioned below lines, you will see the top five ways to see private Facebook profile of your target-

1st way TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is known to be a child surveillance software or application that is being used by many parents to keep an eye on their children’s act on Facebook. The app contains numbers of great features in tracking down all the activities of a victim mobile phone. Most of them will aid you to view the Facebook private profile under social applications. However, this feature is only present for android gadgets, but it is relatively helpful for getting entry the victim’s Facebook profile and if it is a private as well. Thus, first of all, you need to install this application on the victim’s device and after that, it sees the victim’s Facebook activities.

Few simple steps to see private Facebook profile

Step 1. Build up an account

Go to the official site of TheTruthSpy and then press the button “sign up” on sign up page and build up an account. Now, type your email address with password and then press the button “sign up” to end up building your account.

Step 2. Establish on victim’s device

Next, fill the victim gadget owner’s details in the application and establish wizard and choose the OS as Android as well. Now, enable the option “unknown sources” option on the victim’s device and then download the application on it.

After finishing up the method of downloading, install the TheTruthSpy and then click on its icon for opening it. Now sign up with the account and give consent to the application and tap the button “start monitoring”.

Step 3. Test out Wanted Data

After that, visit the TheTruthSpy control board and click the button “social applications”. Press on “Facebook “from the choices and then you are ready to see all the messages made or obtained by the victims from their Facebook profile.

Another thing is that you can now bring the feature “capture screenshot” in your use. Through this, u can grab the real moment activity of the victim on their device so that you can easily sight his/her private Facebook account.

Chief features of TheTruthSpy

  • You can easily track down anyone’s gadget activity remotely
  • You are allowed to test out the browser history of the victim
  • It is now possible to see text messages as well as call logs of the victim
  • Other social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp etc can also be tracked down easily

2nd way PictureMate

Next, we will talk about PictureMate is a liberated extension for Google Chrome and this allows you to outlook somebody’s Facebook without requiring to add them as your buddy. Well, it is effective and great software particularly if you wish to see target Facebook account images anonymously. Also, it is extremely helpful when you wish to recognize which people the victim connected with by seeing the images in which they are tagged. If you want or need to know how to use this software to see the private profile of Facebook, just go behind the underneath steps-

  • Visit the online portal of PictureMate in order to get it downloaded in your device. At the time, you need to install the Google Chrome extension over your chrome browser.
  • Reboot the browser and go to Facebook later on
  • Now, it’s time to find the images of the victim and the PictureMate will screen you all the images o the fellow that they are tagged in

So, these are the steps to go behind.

3rd way SpyZee

The third one is SpyZee that is mostly recommended by the experienced users to see the Facebook profile of any person privately. This is considered one of the best SMS and call tracker software or tool. There are many boons of using this program such as the ability to monitor real moment details e.g., text messages, oncoming or incoming calls and more significantly, social app activity. Also, to make sure that you don’t get trapped tracking on somebody’s device, you can also conceal the application on the victim’s device.

If you had strived to view private Facebook profile before, you would have an idea that it is not easy to do, but luckily when it comes to this SpyZee tool, the process is instant and simple. Now, all you have to do is visit the online portal of this software and know how to do such activities ahead.

4th way private profile viewer

There is still one another way through which you can easily see private Facebook images and profile without installing or login up on any online site. And that’s name is ‘private Profile Viewer” an online tool. It is also free to use and it can be used by submitting victim’s Facebook ID or username.

  • First, you need to visit its site and then tap on the tool is available at the navigator bar. After that, you can find the victim’s using their username, ID as well as their Facebook profile URL.
  • Secondly, press on submit the form button and then see personal images of target’s Facebook

This is one of the useful and best ways to keep an eye on someone’s activity with ease and even without letting him/her know about the hacking act. There is no any security found in this tool and you can reach it from any corner of the world. Also, it never gives a chance to make a complaint against it because the features are provided by it is extremely effective and satisfactory as well.

5th way XPSpy

After reading about all those four tracking or surveillance tools, we will discuss XPSpy. However those tools are good to use and even have good feature, but XPSpy is one of the best and significant as compared to them. This hacking or spying application has high ratings and many users have used it and even seen its good results. This software is available in a different version, so you can now get it as per your operating system. If you use it you will not root your device. This application takes care of your personal as well as professional needs and safety.

It has its own boon and features that you may get to see in other spying software. One of the good things regarding the application is you can operate it from any edge of the globe. All you have to do is downloading and install the application from its online portal https://xpspy.com/install-mobile-spy/. And also you can get it from the application market.

It makes your mission possible to view the private Facebook profile of your loved ones, teens as well as employees.

Follow guidelines to download and install the XPSpy

  • So, as we mentioned above you will have to click that link to download the XPSpy, but before that, you check whether victim’s or your device has an internet connection or not, because it is necessary to have an internet connection to process ahead.
  • Now, download it in your or victim’s gadget and open your message window and at a time install it from there
  • Next, register your account with email ID and password on the control panel and click the button “login”
  • You need to mention the personal details of your target, with you. After that select the social media like Facebook to see the private profile of the target
  • At this time, you are ready to see all the private Facebook messages and profile of your target


So, these were top and best five ways View Private Facebook Profile and XPSpy is one of the best from them. While using this app, you will get full technical support as well. Want to get more info? Visit the mentioned above link today!

Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
GuestSpy is the next generation of smartphone monitoring software. Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their SMS or Internet privileges? Then install the tamper-proof app directly onto the compatible smartphone you own and wish to monitor

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