Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

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5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile
October 7, 2019
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Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

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What is the Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

Are you seeking for the right solution to track the thief that has stolen the mobile phone without any involvement of criminal authority? Fortunately, there are many ways that one can use for tracking the stolen device without inviting police. Locating the current location of the stolen device is possible through phone number tracking app and with online tracking solution. A user only has to do the installation of the mobile number tracker on the targeted person and own device in order to avoid all such problems. To know more in brief, you can continue on reading this article. Here in you will see effective online phone tracker by mobile number.

What is the Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

What is the Top 11 Free Online Phone Tracker by Mobile Number

Here are top 11 online phone tracking tools you should know

Part A: XPSpy- highly recommended app for tracking

XPSpy app is an expert in tracking down the stolen or lost Smartphone without a phone number. One can use this tracking tool if a device is running on iOS or Android OS. The main aim of designing the application is monitoring the activities of children. The parent can make use of this tool in order to discover what their children are doing on their cell phone. It is enabling one to screen the text SMS, real-time location, call recording, call history etc.

There one need not have to perform device rooting or jailbreaking permission for performing hacking. For a user in it both paid as well as free version is available. But in the free version you will get limited features to use. In paid one, all the available features are offered to you for access.

Why can you choose it

  • Keylogger feature- Do you want to crack the password on the targeted android device? With the help of this feature, a hacker can easily view every single alphanumeric digit that is pressed by the suspect on the keyboard of android.
  • Screening text SMS- Access to the text SMS of the Android device of the targeted person using this app is easier. This app lets a hacker in viewing every single received and send SMS of the targeted phone.
  • Accessing call history Accessing the calling history isn’t easier but with the help of the GuestSpy app, it becomes a lot easier. Getting engaged with it, you can view the outgoing, incoming, also missed calling of the suspect device.
  • Tracking location If the suspect is operating the Android operating system, tracking real-time location with this app is really easier. Just hit on location in order to view the real position of the targeted android phone.
  • Alert- If the person has replaced the old SIM with the new one; hacker will be notified through email or SMS silently. Thus, a hacker will come to know the new number.
  • Viewing multimedia file- The available multimedia files like video, music files, audio files, screenshots, photos captured, GIF etc can be easily accessed.
  • Auto-answer- One can make the call from own mobile to the suspect and it will be auto answering without letting other users know.
  • Records SMS message It traces the built-in application messages and also fully traces iMessage on iPhone no matters whether it’s deleted, tracking is a lot easier.

Who can use it

  • Parents- It is all in one parental control helps parents in easily hacking on their kid’s activities. if a parent thinks that what their kids are doing all-time in the phone, through spying all doubts will be cleared.
  • Spouse- This application is best for catching a cheating spouse. It is providing one many good features that are making the work a lot easier and safer.

Part B: 10 other online phone tracking tools

#1 GPS cell phone locator

This is free online phone tracker by the mobile number. It allows one in finding the stolen or lost device in the entire world. The one getting involved with this tracking tool need not have to install this on any device for locating. Just enter the mobile number in the text box and hit on the search.


  • Finding a device is easier with the 1-click process.
  • Unlike the other solutions, the tracking can be done at any time 24×7.
  • It is compatible with the various OS like windows, android, iOS, and blackberry.
  • The server of this service provider is fully secured with advanced algorithm.
  • One need not have to install it.

#2 Free phone tracer

It is another tracking online tool free with location tracking service. Just fill in the mobile number and the location of the device will be identified. It is having the ability of tracking mobile as well as mobile number.


  • The official website of this tool is secured with McAfee security solution.
  • The process of tracking phone number is convenient and easier.

#3 Online GPS phone tracker

This tracking solution is very much convenient and easier for the purpose of tracking phone. It is free online phone tracker by the mobile number. It is supporting leading telecom operators all across the globe.


  • A hacker can track the mobile number all across the globe.
  • It is compatible with all devices.
  • There is no need of installing the third party application in the device.

#4 Trace phone number

This is an online website that is offering free online tracking services of mobile number. There is no need for technical skills for using the service. The tracking process of mobile number is easier. Just enter the mobile number into the text box and click on the trace.


  • This will be giving you 100% accurate details.
  • This tracking service is having the ability to track mobile device as well as a landline.

#5 Mobile number locator

It is fully free tracking tool and is created for the device that runs on Android OS. It is having integrated Google map feature that lets one know visually location.


  • It can easily track stolen, misplaced or lost device that isn’t connected to the web.
  • This tracking tool allows one in viewing all the call details of the phone.

#6 Mobile number tracking

This tool is created for Android OS for tracking the device location. The mobile number tracker with current location will provide you complete information about service provider and details of the location of the device.


  • The entire system of tracking is free.
  • With the built-in GPS map, one can view current time location.

#7 Caller ID and number locator

This is really the best app in the Google play store is for tracking mobile number.  The caller ID feature is allowing one in knowing the caller real name. A hacker can block the incoming call using a blocking feature.


  • A user using it can track the phone number no matters whether the device is connected with the internet or not. It will show a user STD code, ISD caller ID.
  • The tracking tool is having about 12,892 cities stored into the database.
  • It is allowing a user in viewing the device stolen or lost on the map.

#8 Number locator

This is an online free phone tracker by mobile number for iOS. It by elegant recursion Inc is designed for tracking purpose. A user only has to fill in the mobile number in the text box that one wish to track.


  • This app is created in such a way that it can easily run on various iOS OS that is including iPod, and iPad.
  • No doubt it is working effectively both in offline and online mode.
  • The app user interface is attractive and clean.

#9 Mobile number tracker pro

With the help of this app iPhone online tracking is very much easier. It is one of the leading mobile numbers tracking tool available on apple store. It can easily track iPhone by its number. The main reason behind the app popularity is service available for free online and location that it detects is 100% accurate and the user interface is clear. A user can download the app from the app store for free costs without spending single money.


  • It is having number database of more than 200 countries from mobile operator to the registered circle.
  • A hacker can make the call directly and send SMS with the integrated feature to other.
  • Its clean user interface is making it better than other tracking apps for mobile. Anyone can use the app without any hassle.

#10 Truecaller phone number tracker

It is basically a finder app of caller ID that for OS like iOS and Android is available. With the feature of phone number tracking, one can track the location of another individual that one wish to track. It is actually a crowdsourcing platform that is collecting the data of other users.


  • This app is supporting 3D touch action. It is easier for one to take faster action.
  • No doubt this app gives hacker all relevant details about the mobile number like name, location etc.


These top 11 online phone tracking by numbers have become popular but among those XPSpy is ranking on top. To use the app you need to visit the official site and install in both devices (User and targeted) and begin to spy.

Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
GuestSpy is the next generation of smartphone monitoring software. Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their SMS or Internet privileges? Then install the tamper-proof app directly onto the compatible smartphone you own and wish to monitor

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    The ending of the relationship with my boyfriend brought a new twist to my life in the form of my Android phone displaying peculiar characteristics, like screen becoming fuzzy when a male colleague dials in, phone turning unduly hot when using dating apps etc. I sensed that my recent ex was up to some mischief and decided to confront him, but with proof. I got the proof I needed through the company and when I finally did confront my ex, he was scared shitless, but I assured him I won’t press charges provided he stops all his monitoring which he readily agreed to. Thanks to worlddarkwebb for their service and support. I recommend them.
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