How to Free Spy Phones without the Phone
How to Free Spy Phones without the Phone
January 22, 2020
How to Hack Someone's Kik Messages, Photos and Videos
How to Hack Someone’s Kik Messages, Photos and Videos
February 7, 2020
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Top 5 Spy Apps for spying Wechat

Top 5 Spy Apps for spying Wechat

Top 5 Spy Apps for spying Wechat

5 Apps for spying Wechat Real-Time

WeChat is also listed as the best social media messaging app. This useful for us as with this we can always stay connected with the dearest one. With this, a user can send the text messages in no time and most importantly without bearing any costs. As the users of this text messaging tool are increasing day by day, the threats are also increasing. So, to stay updated with the activities done by your dearest ones such as college-going children, husband or wife, friend then Spy app will help you to fulfill the aim.

Here are the best 5 WeChat spy tools

Here are the best 5 WeChat spy tools

Here are the best 5 WeChat spy tools


When coming to spying on WeChat the best option is XPSpy. This application allows a user to monitor WeChat conversations without taking any other application help simultaneously. To use the application a user has to compulsorily set up the XPSpy user account and then download and install the application into the target phone just by keeping the below-listed points in mind. This application is not only companionable with iOS and android but it can be used on PC, laptop, and tablet.

Follow the guidelines to use the WeChat spy tool

No doubt trying using the WeChat spy tool will be the best choice for keeping eye on the target person’s cellular actions. So strictly follow the guidelines and satisfy your aim-


Register for the XPSpy user account from the official site by mandatorily using ID and password. Also, provide the information of the target person and choose the OS to spy on.

Setup WeChat spy tool on the intended device

Download and install the application on the aimed device. Just open the application and sign in using account login details. It also allows permission to the app so that it can without hassle-free take the space into the phone. Now hit on the monitoring button and wait for the app icon to get disappeared.

Begin spying

Login to the XPSpy account and hit on the option social app on the online dashboard. Hit on WeChat for seeing the text messages.

Reasons for accessing this application

Several reasons are supporting this application and are making it a good alternative so that one can access it for satisfying the spying aim.

  • Compatibility is assured- The companionability is well assured with iOS and Android OS so a user need not have to worry much about using it.
  • Safer option- The application is well tested and proved to be free of viruses so neither hacker device, not the target device will get any harm.
  • Works secretly- XPSpy app functions secretly so that a target person won’t be able to figure out about the spying process is constantly going on in his or her phone.
  • User-friendly- This thing is making it a good to use solution and a user won’t face any problems in accessing its features and downloading.

Spying services users can avail

  • Calls logs spying (incoming & outgoing and deleted calls)
  • Text messages spying (inbound & outbound and deleted messages)
  • Internet history spying (URLs, sites surfed & content downloaded)
  • Media files seeing (audios, PDFs, videos, PPT, images, SS)
  • KeyLogger
  • IM apps spy (WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

These are some of the services that the application is providing.


Every individual that is intended to spy on WeChat knows how best this application for the spying tasks is. Using this application one can not only spy on WeChat but also on other IM apps without undergoing iOS jailbreaking and android rooting. This application is convenient to use and is 100% result oriented that is making it a popular app for spying purposes. It can be used for monitoring the location movements of the aimed person. This app assures timely and accuracy in reports delivery. It spies on various social networking sites like WhatsApp and Facebook etc.


SpyZee is the newly developed Smartphone spy tool that has soon developed its good image among the hackers. This application permits all users throughout the world to spy on WeChat without rooting the target android device. This WeChat spyware is for android and allows one to spy on different social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram, etc. A user can easily track the phone call logs, text messages, emails and location, etc activities, etc. Moreover, it permits one wiping out the information on the data on an intended device if the device is, unfortunately, is lost.

This application is convenient to use with a clean interface. It helps one to view multimedia files such as photos and videos from the phone. It effectively supports cell phone location tracking. Through remote control, one can easily keep track of the suspect by not getting the device on hand.


This application is the best parental control app that can be used for spying on children’s activities. Using this application for hacking various operating systems like android, iOS, etc is surely the best selection. Additionally, this application permits one to monitor WhatsApp messages, hangout, Skype chats, Telegram and so on. Apart from those, this application is good to spy on usual activities that person does in his or her phone is call logs spying, live call recording, application blocking, etc that is amazing for having complete phone hacking.


Due to the app crazy set of spying features, it has become the most durable application that can be used for tracking cell phones completely. mSpy app records the activity of every device and it sends it to the app online dashboard with the help of a strong internet connection. Moreover, it is an excellent option for not only keeping eye on WeChat activities but on normal activities are done by any person on daily basis like calling, text messaging, multimedia files storing, internet surfing, etc. The reason why this application is high in demand is that it is having many useful spying features and it is a lot convenient to use. It allows a user to keep an eye on a target person’s real-time and previous location movements.

The end

So, these are the 5 ways to do spy on WeChat and see all chats to clear your doubt feed the hunger for spying.

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Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
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